Chão de oliva


Chão de Oliva – Centro de Difusão Cultural in Sintra (CO) is a non-profit cultural association, in existence since 1987, recognized as public entity since 1999. With its headquarters in the Casa de Teatro de Sintra (Sintra’s Theatre House), it focuses on 3 areas: theatrical creation, cultural programming and education.

In 1990, Companhia de Teatro de Sintra (Theatre Company of Sintra) was born within CO. In 1994, Fio d´Azeite – Group of Marionettes was formed. In 2012, started Periferias – Performing Arts International Festival, which is held yearly, combining the various performing arts which previously were dispersed amongst CO’s several festivals and initiatives.

Since CO was established, it offers courses of theatrical initiation and workshops, open to both professionals and non-professionals. In the last few years, it has fostered an educational service through training offers but also through community projects and participatory art.

For the development of its work, it relies on the support of Direção-Geral das Artes, Câmara Municipal de Sintra, Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian and Fundação La Caixa, Lisboa2020 and of various entities from the business sector and, of course, on its audience.

In 2007, it was awarded with the Medal of Cultural Merit by Câmara Municipal de Sintra (Municipal Council of Sintra).



to reflect and intervene in social realities through theatrical creation and participatory art.


We believe that Art can contribute to a more just, equal and democratic society and we defend the universal right to culture.



Ultimately, we wish to contribute to a better cultural fruition, specifically, of performing arts in our community.


Artistic Management

Nuno Correia Pinto (director, actor, puppeteer)

Susana C. Gaspar (director, actress)

Paula Pedregal (director, actress)


Nuno Correia Pinto – Head of Production

Nisa Eliziário – Executive Producer

Cristina Costa – Production and executive secretary

Paula Pedregal – Curatorship and Host Support

Technical Team

Luiz Quaresma –  Technical support and maintenance

Cláudio Martins – Light & sound technician

Gina Prazeres – Hygiene controller


Susana C. Gaspar (communication director)

Cláudia Faria (online marketeer)

Educational Services

Susana C. Gaspar – Educational services coordinator

Yolanda Santos – Actress and PARTEJ’s project pedagogical trainer

Sara Bernardo – PARTEJ’s project officer 

Miguel Moisés – Theater Workshop’s Trainer

Bilheteira e Frente de casa

Paula Malhado – Box Officer

Myriam Lopo – Audience support assistance

Roberto Mendes – Audience support assistance

The Chão de Oliva team is reinforced by other people depending on their projects and activities.