casa de teatro of sintra


The Casa de Teatro of Sintra operates in the old Tivoli Cinema, a remarkable example of early 20th Century architecture, within an urban hub that would consolidate with the implantation of the railroad.

Contrary to the function for which it was created, inaugurated as a cinema, on a Saturday of Carnaval (Feb 18, 1928), the building was, many years later and a for a long time used as a warehouse and for carpentry; there were some remaining details from the initial use, such as the name on the façade. But the run-down state it was in, made it urgent to intervene and to recover it and reutilize it for cultural purposes.

It was known that Sintra had a great dynamic in terms of cultural movement but lacking the appropriate space for the development of such cultural activites.

The building was restored to accommodate creative activities and the presentation of theatre shows.

The Casa de Teatro of Sintra has a show room with 50 seats and its fully equipped to accommodate the audience as well as the cast.

It is handicap accessible and it functions as an ample space with movable seating.